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The History of Wizards of the Coast @ RPG Net

by Kalia, 2006-08-04 02:26:00
RPG Net editor Shannon Appelcline has written an interesting take on the history of Wizards of the Coast. He chronicles the company's rise from its first published game, The Primal Order all the way through today and the activities of WotC.
As long as Wizards is allowed their autonomy by corporate overlord Hasbro, it looks like they're going to remain a surprisingly spry and innovative force in gaming. RPGs surely aren't their only focus, and most of their actual innovation seems directed toward board games and miniatures, but the potential for innovative RPGs remains. However, as a part of a huge corporate hegemony, Wizards is also just a heartbeat away from bureaucratic control at any moment.

Source: NWN 2 Warcry

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