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Dragon Age - Journeys and Penny Arcade Updates

by Dhruin, 2009-10-16 23:13:56

There's a new blog entry for their Flash-y game Dragon Age: Journeys and the seventh Penny Arcade Witch Hunt is online.  On finding a name for DA: Journeys:

Our naming session began with Dragon Age: Journeys as one of the top contenders. But the naming session stretched on, we got increasingly exasperated and our suggestions became a string of gaming nerd in jokes, such as:
• Ages of Dragon Age
• Dragon Age: Origins’ Origins
• Dragon Age: Origins: Origins
• Dragon Age: TitNS (This is the New Sh*t)
• Heroes of Dragons and Magic
• Paper Dragon Age
• Dragon Age: Tactics Advance Online
• Dragon Age: Sexy Browser Adventures
• Dragon Age: Age of the Dragon
And of course:
• Imagine: Dragonz Age Fun Time Babyz Party

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