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Borderlands - Review @ Giant Bomb

by Woges, 2009-10-19 18:05:45

First review I've seen of Borderlands is up at Giant Bomb, with some questions regarding the enemy AI yet recieving a decent 4/5 score.

The structure of Borderlands makes it feel like an MMO game that doesn't require you to rely on groups of other players to enjoy. Though it's probably better when you're playing online with friends, playing alone is still perfectly fine. It's also one of those games that's so strong in parts that its shortcomings become almost glaring by comparison. As such, the game's barebones story, lackluster AI, and insufficient player trading options are real disappointments that prevent the game from reaching its full potential. But when you're frantically trying to stay alive while getting swarmed by an angry horde of gigantic spiderants, chances are you won't care much about that other stuff. Borderlands strongly succeeds where plenty of other Diablo-inspired games have failed miserably.

Update: There's a host of new videos at Game Trailers to peruse.

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