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Din's Curse - Cave-ins

by Dhruin, 2009-10-20 19:50:05

The latest entry in Steven Peeler's blog talks about dungeon cave-ins for Din's Curse, which sounds like a pretty cool idea:

Even without monsters and traps, the caves and dungeons in Din's Curse are dangerous. This is because you can interact with the environment in many ways. Today I'm going to talk about cave-ins because they're a great example of engaging the environment, but cave-ins also work with many other systems I've previously discussed.

A cave-in is exactly what you expect, large forces like explosions can break weakened areas of the cave or dungeon causing large rocks to fall down, crushing whatever is below them. Falling rocks do a good bit of damage, can temporarily block areas, and can cause further cave ins. Be careful with those powerful spells. They might kill your intended victims, but they also might rain down boulders on you or block your escape route.

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