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Fable 3 - Preview @ OXM UK

by Dhruin, 2009-10-21 20:19:03

Titled Malevolent or Magnificent, OXM UK takes a look at becoming the ruler of Albion in Fable III:

he most obvious revolutionary strand is in the story itself. The continent of Albion has fallen under the reign of a tyrant king, who is oppressing the populace and abusing his power. For the first half of Fable III, your overarching mission will be to become a revolutionary leader yourself.

You'll begin by migrating your saved game over from Fable II, if you have one, and your new character will be the son or daughter of your hero. This was hinted at in the Fable II DLC release See The Future. It's an interesting approach, which means you won't be bound by your play-style from the previous game, but there will still be constant references to and evidence of your path through the last adventure.

Molyneux has implied that the game will open with some injustice befalling the original hero, no doubt at the hands of the tyrant king, leaving you to right the situation. Your journey will lead you to eventually overthrow the ruler and ascend to the throne yourself. For the most part, this will take the form of more traditional Fable role playing.

Source: GameBanshee

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