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Torchlight - Interview @ Shacknews

by Myrthos, 2009-10-22 10:41:05

Omega writes in to mention that Runic Games' Peter Hu is interviewed by Shacknews to talk about Torchlight, discussing the way quests function, mod tool support, and future multiplayer plans.

Shack: How is the game structured? I saw the town hub a minute ago. Are there several? How do you progress through the game?

Peter Hu: For the singleplayer game, there is one city. You progress through quests, but it's not completely linear. It'll send you to different dungeon areas that are not necessarily one dungeon after another. There'll be branches in the dungeon and things like that.

But the concept is, the city is sitting on top of a mountain where they've discovered veins of a mineral called Ember, which provides people with magical powers. So all these civilizations come to this mountain, start mining the Ember, and gain this power, but then it corrupts them, and they wall themselves off within the mountain.

So as you go through the mountain and explore these areas, you'll find different pockets of civilizations, that are like undead dwarves, or whatever. You'll encounter them, you'll probably kill a lot of them, and slowly reveal the story of what's going on with the mountain.

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