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Dragon Age Journeys - Launches Today, Will Involve Microtransactions

by Ruminous, 2009-10-22 16:41:39

Gamepro has an interview with the developers of Dragon Age: Journeys. They discuss gameplay and the future of flash-based gaming.

The game that launches tomorrow, subtitled "The Deep Roads" is actually the first part of a planned trilogy of single player games which will later be followed by a multiplayer game. According to Spenner, this first chapter can be beaten in about two and half hours on the easiest difficulty setting, but there's some replay value in the shape of three different (customizable) character classes. It is entirely free, which begs the question of how EA 2D plans to make money out of the project? "The first chapter is free to play," Hawley explained. "For subsequent chapters and the multiplayer version we are exploring micro-transactions. Ad support isn't necessary for us right now, we like keeping the content pretty clean and free from outside distractions."

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