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ArchLord: Codemasters Announces New Subscription System

by Dhruin, 2006-08-04 23:03:00
From <a href="http://www.codemasters.co.uk/press/?showarticle=8436&territory=EnglishUK" target="_blank">Codemasters</a>:<blockquote><em>Codemasters Online Gaming to introduce new MMO subscription solution for ArchLorda c.<br><br>New multi-level a UPlayPLUSa "! system to combine game subscription and in-game items in one payment.<br><br><br>Codemasters Online Gaming today announces a UPlayPLUSa "!, a revolutionary subscription system for the hugely anticipated MMORPG ArchLorda c. The PlayPLUS system will enable players to purchase packages that include both game time and in-game bonus credits. Credits will be redeemable against in-game items and benefits, such as experience bonuses, teleportation spells, health boosts and many other desirable enhancements.<br><br>Items obtained using the bonus credits are additional to the standard in-game currency system and are only used as a way of enhancing your character further. Regular in-game items, including weapons, armour, potions, and mounts, will still be freely available through the regular in-game currency system.<br><br>David Solari, Vice President & General Manager, Codemasters Online Gaming, commented: a SWe are very pleased to bring this exciting concept a SPlayPLUSa ? to the MMO market. We believe the ability to utilise items will give players more freedom to develop their characters in the game world and will enhance their overall experience. Coupled with quality gameplay at a very competitive entry price we believe ArchLord is the MMO to get into this year.a ?<br><br>The all-new PlayPLUS system will be integrated into ArchLord in time for launch in Q3 this year. However, gamers participating in the forthcoming Beta test will be able to experience the system early. There are still places left in the BETA sign up now at the official ArchLord website www.archlordgame.com<br><br>Ed Relf, Director of Marketing at Codemasters Online Gaming, commented: a SWe are ecstatic to finally unveil the full details of the new payment system, which we will introduce with ArchLord. The PlayPLUS subscription system will allow players to join ArchLord at a great, value-packed price and we look forward to welcoming them in the coming weeks in the gamea "!s BETA phase.a ?<br><br>For more information on the ArchLord PlayPLUS system please visit <a href="http://www.archlordgame.com/playplus" target="_blank">http://www.archlordgame.com/playplus</a>.

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