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Torchlight - Interview @ Gamasutra

by Skavenhorde, 2009-10-24 10:13:01

At Gamasutra there is an interview called Working by Torchlight. In it the president and project director Travis Baldree and CEO Max Schaefer discuss how their past experience has helped them create Torchlight, digital distribution, plans for the MMO, keeping in touch with the community, the modding tools, the PC market and more.

Your mod tool looks like a full-fledged level editor.

MS: It's even more than a level editor.

TB: It's an everything editor.

MS: You can adjust the stats globally and the balance of the game globally or item. You can do particle systems. You can do scripting for quests for events. You can do level layout.

TB: You can build your own skills. You can rebalance all the existing skills. You can change their names, their icons, their particles, and their animations. If you wanted to raise their level cap, it's about five seconds. Pretty much everything we used to build the game is available. You can add new sets of items. You can add new uniques. You can rebalance all the existing ones. It's pretty full featured. It's actually pretty fun to play with.

MS: This is the actual tool that we're using to make the game. We're not dumbing it down for the consumer or anything. This is the real deal what we use every day to make the game. We fully expect our modding community to do even cooler things than we've done with it because there are thousands of [potential modders].

Source: Blues News

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