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Dragon Age Journeys - Early Impressions @ RPS

by Skavenhorde, 2009-10-25 05:33:35

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has posted a brief early impressions article titled Dragon Age Journeys Live, and Rather Good. The game has exceeded their expectations in terms of being a real RPG with a unique combat system. I was also pleasantly surprised by the complexity of the game:

So Dragon Age Journeys is live, and… blimey, it’s good stuff. EA 2D’s free project designed to promote and link into Dragon Age: Origins is a 2D browser based RPG, letting you pick a character from the regular Dragon Age selection and then go exploring in the Dwarven Deep Roads. I wasn’t sure exactly how they’d do it, presuming something very simple, hack-n-slashy, but fun all the same. I wasn’t expecting a fully-fledged RPG with a unique combat mechanic.

I’ve only played briefly so far, but I’m already really pleased with what’s on offer. In fact, so much of it directly reflects the full game, from the content to the screen furniture. Even the tutorial pop-ups are the same. You’ve got an inventory, weapons and armour along with weapons and armour stats (using the very appreciated super-simple window pop-ups for comparing with what you’ve got equipped that’s in the main game). In fact it’s also got the two weapon setup, letting you switch between them during combat. There’s your character’s own stats, with the full range of skills available to pick from as you level up. There’s towns to explore, quests to pick up, merchants to trade with, party members to gather, and plenty of dialogue. I really wasn’t expecting this.

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