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Torchlight - Reviews @ Hellforge, WarCry

by Dhruin, 2009-10-26 20:03:15

Hellforge's Sol Invictus said he might write his Torchlight review in a first-person perspective on a forum a day or two back and he's done exactly that.  This means it doesn't follow the usual formula and has no score but it looks like he is enjoying it:

Back in the city, there were rumors abound that some miners in a town called Torchlight had struck it rich by tapping into a newly discovered deposit of Ember. A rumor had spread that the cache of those miners discovered was unlike any other strain of the valuable mineral. I had to see it for myself; I knew right then that their discovery, if true, would prove invaluable to my research into the alchemical arts.

I’d spent much of my life chasing ghosts and I thought that this would be no different. The risk of returning empty handed was one I was willing to take, but what I discovered in that little town changed my life forever. At least I wasn’t alone, for my faithful hound Hunter was with me. Imbued with the various essences of magic and infused with the spirit of an ancient mage, Hunter was far from ordinary.

...and a more traditional review from WarCry (thanks GameBanshee).  No score again. so here's the conclusion:

Torchlight is a LOT of fun for those who adore ACTION RPGs and/or shooters. Torchlight has brought the best of Diablo, Mythos, Hellgate and Fate to bear and it shows. I couldn't get enough of Torchlight and can't wait to see what the community creates using the level editor. Similarly, I am already eagerly anticipating the Torchlight MMO.

At any price, Torchlight is a bargain and you will squeeze every dollar and more out of it. The action RPG market has been missing a big hit for a long time and it's a good bet that Torchlight is going to be a hit. Torchlight brought a smile to my face and will undoubtedly bring a lot of smiles to others as well. Torchlight is a surefire winner in its niche and a good bet to make hefty inroads into the MMO market in the future.

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