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Borderlands - Interview @ Shack News

by Aries100, 2009-10-27 13:19:21

Chris Taylor from Shacknews sat down with Mikey Neuman from Gearbox, the makers of Borderlands, and talked about downloadable content, items found in the game and community feedback. Here's a part of the interview:

To be specific, we are making DLC for all three platforms simultaneously. We don't want any customer to miss out. I will say that our first DLC is an additional story, it's a tight little story that's pretty cool, a whole new area with all-new monsters and all kinds of stuff. It's definitely something that people are going to want, because it's more of what they are going to want to do--explore more, find new stuff, meet people. That's all there.

Source: Shack News

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