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Fable 3 - Interview @ Tech Radar

by Aries100, 2009-10-30 21:16:17

Tech Radar has met with Peter Molyneux to talk about Fable 3, Project Natal, his promotion, cloud gaming and virtual gaming.

Here's the part about the episodic nature of Fable 3:

The first part of our game [Fable 3] is going to be free. And at the end of that first part you can choose to continue playing as normal, by buying the full game. Or, if you are still not quite sure, just buy the next episode.

  Here's what he thinks about virtual gaming:

It is so different. This is might whole point that I make. You don't meet computer game characters when you use a controller. You control computer game characters. And that is fundamental....That things can recognise them and see them and have a relationship with them. And we've been talking about that for years and years, you know, emotional engagement in gaming... "are games art?"... "how can we make people cry and laugh?"

   Here's his thoughts on cloud gaming:

What with the cloud, what we can do is that when we release something that has object recognition in it - that is just the start of how that thing is able to recognise different objects – because the database of things that are being recognised being held in the cloud can continue to grow and improve. By the millions of people actually interacting with objects locally down here and sending the information back 'up' to the cloud, behind the scenes.

Source: GameBanshee

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