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Torchlight - Reviews

by Woges, 2009-11-05 10:21:23

Positive review of Torchlight from Alec Meer at Eurogamer.

So, it's the best Diablolike since Diablo II, and a very real rival to the upcoming (at an unspecified point, God-blinking-dammit) Diablo III. Even though there is nothing new or truly unique about Torchlight, nothing at all, that it so confidently and prettily takes the fight to Blizzard is an enormous compliment about how well put-together this is. Yeah, it gets old pretty fast - but it's also only £15. You'll definitely get your money's worth. And that's even before the MMO stuff turns up. But, by Christ, my hands hurt, and my brain is squealing for stimulation. I've had a whale of a time, largely - but I desperately would not want to put my body through these few days of unblinking kill'n'collect again any time soon.

Another review has surfaced at Incgamers that scores the game a higher 9/10.

While the lack of multiplayer may be a disappointment, Runic has a trick up its sleeve. The developer will soon release editing tools for the game which will mean fans will be able to create their own levels, thus increasing the game’s lifespan, assuming the editor is both accessible and versatile.  Torchlight modding may just catch on and keep the game at the forefront of action RPG fan’s minds until the next game in the franchise is released.

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