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Alpha Protocol - MCA Interview @ grupo97

by Dhruin, 2009-11-06 07:42:11

A site called grupo97 has an interview with Chris Avellone that wends its way from his position to the attitude to of publishers and finally on to Alpha Protocol:

You said that the moral ambiguity of Alpha Protocol will be closer to Fallout 1 and 2, which is very promising. Could you please explain how is this system being developed?

Alpha Protocol doesn't attach a moral absolute to the main character - instead, we track the player's attitude and individual NPC's perception of the player's morality and ethics. Basically, the player gets judged by the NPCs, but his morality isn't a number or scale attached to him personally.

Basically, the world paints you as a saint or demon - but even that's too simplistic for people's attitudes in AP, since each of them has a different perception of right and wrong. Each NPC brings their own morality judgments to the table - so saint/demon can translate into sympathetic, worthy of respect, friendship, object of romance, aggressive shithead, etc., but in terms of you judging yourself? Hell, you're just doing a job. You know why you did what you did to get the job done, the world be damned.

I've also read the player will be able to finish the game without fighting. Is that true?

Almost - you can finish the game without killing anyone (martial arts and tranquilizers and gadgets for the win). No need to take a life if you don't want to, but the pacifist route isn't easy or, ironically, for the faint of heart.

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