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Borderlands - Reviews @ Gamernode, bit-tech

by Skavenhorde, 2009-11-07 14:45:03

Here is a review of Borderlands from a a few days ago at Gamernode. They gave it 8/10. A mostly positive review especially with the cooperative aspect of Borderlands, but felt the boring plot and missions tainted the game:

No matter how you play the game, Borderlands' striking animated art style, with bright, high-contrast visuals, is immediately appealing, and makes Pandora a place that you want to dive headlong into. Everything, from enemies to items to environmental structures, is clear and easily distinguishable, even though many of the game's assets lack truly intricate detail. The style is very similar to the newest Prince of Persia game, but with less epic background vistas and less impressive special effects. It looks great overall, but one glaring issue in Borderlands is the disturbingly obvious texture pop-in, which makes each new area look like someone simply dumped watercolors onto every surface until the definition improves many seconds later. It's a jarring effect that happens upon entering a new area or starting the game; if it occurs at other times, it's far less conspicuous.

Borderlands will suck players into a huge world that is just begging to be explored, but exploration isn't one of the game's strong suits. Players will undoubtedly have a great time with the different character builds, weapons, and multiplayer squad configurations, but will also be served lackluster narrative and mission structure that temper the experience. Overall, it's absolutely worth playing, however, as there is no other game that achieves cooperative RPS gameplay equivalent to what's presented here.


Bit-tech also gives Borderlands 8/10. The reviewer feels that it was just a fun shooter with some flaws:

Consolification isn't a claim that can be clearly levelled at the rest of the game though, fear not. If anything, Borderlands' core gameplay and taxing, if repetitive balancing leans more towards the type of experience you might see on the PC. The first few hours are very easy, but after that then the game ups the challenge considerably and you'll be forced to change your approaches about a bit and start favouring new and more exciting weapons. It's here that an extra player can come in handy too.

However you want to play Borderlands though, it remains a decidedly moreish and fun shooter. We could shoot some more holes in it if we wanted (especially when it comes to the lack of enemy variety), but that's just getting us further and further away from the fact that it's a fun game to play. It's very much mired in the conventions of previous games and draws pretty directly from the likes of Halo and Diablo, but that's all irrelevant when faced with the simple fact that it's a fun, fast and very accessible FPS/RPG blend.

It has weaknesses and some of them are pretty obvious ones, but it remains a game that we enjoy playing - and it's hard to ask for more than that.

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