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NWN - Premium Modules Removed

by Dhruin, 2009-11-09 07:44:47

Sorcerer's Place writes they noticed the NWN Premium Modules (such as Shadowguard and Kingmaker) are no longer available from BioWare - even the web pages have been removed.  Inquiring further, they discovered they were suddenly advised by Atari to remove them at the end of August for "legal reasons":

A few days ago I somewhat accidentally noticed that all of their pages on BioWare's website, as well as their web store, have been removed. I inquired about this over at BioWare and learned that the premium modules were removed from BioWare's website at Atari's instruction. What's more, BioWare can no longer sell them nor advertise them.

Through further inquiries we've learned that this has happened at the end of August and that BioWare had almost no notice from Atari and had to remove the premium modules within a day for "legal reasons".

Purchased modules will still work but they can't be bought any more.  Head over for the original full story.

Source: Sorcerers Place

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