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Torchlight - Interview @ Werit's Blog

by Skavenhorde, 2009-11-10 15:10:41

Werit writes in to let us know he interviewed Wonder Russel, the Minister of Culture at Runic Games, about Torchlight. This is the first interview of three that he will be doing with people from Runic. Here is a snippet from the interview:

Werit:  What sets Torchlight apart from other Action RPG's, like Diablo II?

Torchlight has a very different look and feel, the art style is entirely different and very much our own thing. We also have an Enchanter, pets, fishing, save anywhere, an item inventory that does NOT use the Tetris style, and lots of little details like those that to us, make gameplaying more fun!

Werit:  The infinite dungeon sounds interesting, how does it work?

It goes on and on, unending! Well it’s infinite in the sense that  it will never stop randomly generating tilesets – muahahahaha. We included it for more playability once you finish the storyline quest but still want to gain fame and essentially finish the game at its level cap, which is 100.

Werit:  Torchlight is mod-able by the players.  How much can a player add to the game?  Is it just text files or can they also add art?

They can add literally anything they can think of. Ogre is a graphics engine, and supports 3DMax so they can add their own artwork, and we are providing an incredible amount of raw files. The tools for the mods are literally the tools we wrote to make the game. Nothing is dumbed down, you get it all. Check out these forum posts to stay tuned:


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