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Borderlands - The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned - Preview @ Gamespot

by Skavenhorde, 2009-11-16 14:00:26

Gamespot has given their impressions on the DLC for Borderlands. According to them, it adds about 50 new missions and offers about 6 - 10 hours of gameplay. The release for the DLC is still scheduled for November 24th for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Still no word on when the PC version will be released:

This new adventure will take place in Jakob's Cove, which is essentially a spooky forest fully of gnarled trees that are being grown by the Jakob weapons concern for their wood--which apparently enhances the performances of certain weapons. However, it seems like the folks at the Jakob company aren't exactly big on being eco-friendly, nor have they been particularly careful about cultivating the trees. The growth of this forest has, in fact, turned the area into a gloomy swamp, and the maintenance employees have also been slightly affected by the environmental changes, causing all of them to contract a minor case of being-turned-into-mindless-zombies-who-attack-you. Yes, this is going to be a spooky zombie hunt that might have missed the end of October to commemorate Halloween, but it seems to have plenty of holiday spirit, from the hordes of zombies to the dank swamps, to the scenery and bosses (one of the five new bosses is named "Pumpkinhead," and leaves Jack-o-lanterns lying around his territory).

However, there won't be much holiday cheer in this DLC adventure. It'll be much more about stomping zombies, which will rise up out of the ground from out of nowhere, and will generally rush at you, rather than firing weapons from cover. If this sounds tough, we'll tell you that it can be, especially if you're all alone and happen to get surrounded by the DLC's new varieties of zombies, which include not only standard shamblers that simply charge you, but also "defilers," who spit goop at you that obscures your vision and slows you movement, and "tankensteins," which are giant zombies that hurl explosive barrels at you and will also pound the ground to create shockwaves, or simply bum-rush you. A new variety of Borderlands' crow-like rakk, the corpse-eater, will also make its debut here.


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