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Planescape: Torment - Retrospective @ Resolution Magazine

by Aries100, 2009-11-16 19:35:27

Resolution Magazine's Lewis Denby has written a 2-page retrospective on Planescape Torment. 

Published to critical acclaim a decade ago, this game never sold well. Yet, it still managed to find itself into the hearts and minds of fans, which, even today, are very passionate about this game. 

And you avatar, The Nameless One, will have a talking skull at his side - and can never die.

He’s bound to live for all eternity, across multiple lives, resurrected after each death and returned to Sigil once more.  This isn’t a measly plot device, either, for Planescape is a game in which you can never die.  You are only ever snapped back to life in an arbitrary location of the world, your memories of lives gone by becoming ever more hazy.

    The writing in the game is superb and continues to be so - even a decade later:

Decoded, it was some of the finest of any videogame in the world, and remains such a decade on.  Its brand of corrupted Victorian cockney slang, merged with the elegance of the best high-fantasy literature, makes it an outlandishly unique thing to read through.  And although it asks a lot of the reader, the reward it pays is remarkable: it tells a story unlike no other game, in a way that no other game has dared to even try mimicking.

       Interplay is re-releasing Planescape: Torment on November 20th 2009

Source: GameBanshee

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