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EA - Pandemic Closed, Van Caneghem Joins

by Dhruin, 2009-11-17 21:17:45

There is no direct connection with RPGs here but industry watchers will be interested to know that EA will close Pandemic Studios, with the founders already let go last week.  Our interest comes, of course, because BioWare and Pandemic "merged" some time back after venture capital group Elevation Partners purchased them both to form a "super studio".  Later, EA bought the parent company, VG Holdings, thus acquiring both studios.

While there is absolutely no indication of any effect on BioWare, critics will no doubt observe EA's long history of buying, then closing studios.

Gamasutra has this news, with excerpts from an internal EA memo.  As a side note, Jon Van Carneghem of Might & Magic fame has joined to manage the Command and Conquer RTs brand.

Thanks to Lucky Day for a similar submission.

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