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Elven Legacy: Siege - Now Released

by Dhruin, 2009-11-17 21:21:06

The second of three mini expansions for Elven Legacy has been released.  Here is the PR for Siege, which is available from GamersGate:

The War Continues with Elven Legacy: Siege

NEW YORK - November 17, 2009
The epic saga continues! Prepare for battle as Paradox Interactive gets set to brandish the second explosive expansion pack in the Elven Legacy Trilogy, Elven Legacy: Siege, releasing today.

Several months have passed since the events of Elven Legacy: Ranger. Outcast elves, living under the leadership of the elven Lord Saggitel, have once more acted provocatively and dared to cross into the realm of man. Yet, the human armies await. Inciting the wrath of the fearsome knight of the Holy Inquisition, along with the agent of New Tixus, the ranger Cornelius, Saggitel is now the target of retribution. How far can Saggitel run before he is caught up to?

Stand in battle with a fierce army behind you and withstand mighty sieges in your quest for survival and victory. The ancient impregnable fortresses of the dwarves, the enchanted cities of the elves, and the historic capital cities of Eolia, all set the stage for historic battles that will forever be remembered.

Key Features:

• 19 new campaign missions
• The outcome of mission quests will directly impact subsequent missions
• Two different armies and three new heroes
• Bonus mission (becomes available after Gold ranked victories)

Watch the release trailer here:

Elven Legacy: Siege requires the original game, Elven Legacy, and is exclusively available for digital download at all major digital download portals for a suggested retail price of $9.99 and €9.99.

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