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Deus Ex 3 - Square Enix to do Cinematics

by Magerette, 2009-11-25 15:47:31

Total Video Games has posted the announcement that Deus X 3 will be the first game to reflect the acquistion of Eidos by Square Enix earlier this year, with the Final Fantasy artists of the Japanese division in charge of cinematic sequences:

Deus Ex 3 will benefit from the amalgamation of Eidos and Square-Enix with confirmation that the game's cinematics will be created by the Japanese division, who've previously demonstrated their skill and experience in the CG-heavy Final Fantasy series.
"Deus Ex 3 is going to be the first project which will be a concrete product of joint effort between Square Enix and Eidos," Stephane D'Astous recently told EDGE. "The cinematics—by which I mean any CGI pre-rendered cinematics — are going to be done in Tokyo by Square Enix, and that's going to be amazing."
D'Astous claims that the team is excited by the prospect of working on a title unrelated to Final Fantasy and also showed an interest in Thief 4.

As mentioned above, there's a bit more information over at EDGE.

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