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Two Worlds II - X360 Release Confirmed

by Dhruin, 2009-11-25 21:11:22

Two Worlds II publisher TopWare has announced an X360 release for Spring 2010 - the same rough date as for the PC:

Two Worlds II Officially Scheduled for Xbox 360 Release

Las Vegas, November 25th, 2009 - Two Worlds II is officially announced for release on the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®. The much anticipated sequel to the million selling game Two Worlds will be published in the spring of 2010 by South Peak games in North America, South America, the United Kingdom and the Oceana regions and in Europe by Topware Interactive.

Two Worlds II returns players to the realms of Antaloor, the high fantasy world of mysticism and awe from the first title, released in 2007. Two Worlds II has been built from the ground up for Xbox 360 with a brand new engine and gameplay mechanics aimed at delivering both hardcore and casual gamers a refreshingly robust role-playing experience.

Rescued from prison by former enemies, the player once again assumes control of the unnamed hero, only to find the world of Antaloor has been forever changed in their absence.

Boasting a diverse, living world and a limitless open narrative, Two Worlds II could very well be the next sleeper hit of the genre. Antaloor is a mythic world of pristine savannahs and mordant swamps, celestial cities teeming with life that will rise or fall entirely depending of the player's actions, as the reign of the implacable despot Gandohar threatens to throw the world into a state of irreversible decay.

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