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Torchlight - Five Things Better Than Diablo 2

by Dhruin, 2009-11-25 21:22:24

Yeah, another list.  MTV has Five Things Torchlight Does Better Than Diablo 2.  Despite the silly list and title, the intent is to argue this budget-priced game that might fly under the radar does have something to offer:

1) Pets and Loot
You start off your "Torchlight" adventure by choosing your class and your pet, a cat or a dog. Your pet isn't merely cosmetic, though. They'll fight for you, they'll hold loot for you and, best of all, they'll sell stuff for you. One of the most tedious aspects of "Diablo 2" has always been the need to constantly head back into town to sell unneeded loot. Now you can load up your pet with crap, click a button, and they're gone for around a minute. When they come back they'll give you the profits, no questions asked. It's a little dubious (as evidenced in this Penny Arcade comic), but in terms of convenience and cutting down on the tedium, it's genius.

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