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Puzzle Quest: CotW - Upcoming Puzzle Quest 2 Announcement

by Magerette, 2009-11-27 15:47:20

Since their release of the original and very successful cross-platform puzzle-RPG hybrid Puzzle Quest in 2007, developer Infinite Interactive has produced several games along the same lines, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix and Puzzle Kingdoms among them, but never a true, straight up sequel. This is apparently about to be rectified, and an announcement for Puzzle Quest 2 is said to be in the works for January, 2010.

Gamepro provides a single screenshot and states:

If you looked closely at the picture of the cover of GamePro's January 2010 issue we posted last week, you may have noticed that a portion of the cover was blurred out. We can now tell you what we had to hide--the next Puzzle Quest is being revealed in the issue!

We can't reveal all the details right now, but we can provide the first image of Puzzle Quest 2. Be sure to pick up the issue on newsstands to see even more screens and find out the first hands-on details of this intriguing sequel, and keep it tuned to GamePro.com to learn more about the game in the coming weeks.

You can also get some amplification of the same info at Joystiq and Eurogamer.


Thanks, skavenhorde.

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