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Elemental: War of Magic - Misc. Links and Tidbits

by Magerette, 2009-11-27 19:43:51

Since we had some users' requests for coverage of this non-rpg, turn-based fantasy strategy game being developed by Stardock and inspired by Master of Magic, here are a few links to create a frame of reference and give some background on the game as well as to take a look at its current state.

First, the game  has a homepage with several developer diaries as well as the official forums.

Gamasutra has also done a piece interviewing Brad Wardell on the modding engine used in Elemental and Rock Paper Shotgun has an interview as well.

Also available from the forums at the official site is a link to a short impressions piece over at Colony of Gamers forums, and a couple of user videos from Pax 2009, showing Wardell informally discussing the game and the demo previewed there. [Warning: quality is not high; it's obviously amateur with a lot of noise and shake, but there's some interesting background on the informal ties to Master of Magic and also some specifics on the actual game elements if you have the patience to sit through them.]

Finally, here are links to the older two part interview with Wardell over at Shack News in this newsbit we posted back in October. 


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