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Armored Princess - Review @ Games32

by Magerette, 2009-11-30 18:12:58

Games32 has posted a review of  KB: Armored Princess, Katauri Interactive's and1C Company's standalone expansion to last year's Kings' Bounty: The Legend, scoring it 88% overall. Compared to several reviewers they seem to be fine with the story, but agree with most others in viewing the gameplay as the most notable feature:

Compared to the original title, Armored Princess has a far more engaging story, although the value of this game resides not its narrative, but rather in the rock solid gameplay. Think of it as a bonus, or if you prefer a more cynical approach, as an excuse for an expansion which preserves the high standards set by King's Bounty: The Legend, without adding a great deal of new features. The somehow goofy name, makes it perfectly clear that the main character is a valiant princess, capable of overcoming challenges insurmountable for most people.


If the name King's Bounty rings familiar, but you didn't have the chance to play the original title, then by all means give this game a go because it won't let you down. Armored Princess is slightly better then it's predecessor, with a more attractive narrative and revamped visual effects and just enough new features to make it a standalone expansion. Fans will probably be somewhat disappointed by the overwhelming similarities with the prequel and the scarceness of novelty, but they'll quickly dismiss any complaints once they start playing.


Source: Blues News

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