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Puzzle Quest 2 - Officially Announced

by Magerette, 2009-12-01 19:32:42

Following up the newsbit we posted last week concerning hints at GamePro magizine about a full-fledged sequel to Puzzle Quest: COTW, publisher D3 and developer Infinite Interactive today put out the official press release announcing Puzzle Quest 2.

The initial information lists the first platforms to see the sequel as the XBox 360 and Nintendo DS, but if past performance is any indicator, the game should hit PC and almost every other console and handheld device. Three screenshots have also been released.

You can view the full press release at Gamer's Hell and a short summary at Eurogamer. There's no box art as yet, but three new screenshots and a little concept art is up over at Gamer's Hell.

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Puzzle Quest 2

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