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Armored Princess - Review @ RPGamer

by Magerette, 2009-12-01 19:41:27

RPGamer is the latest site to dish up a KB: Armored Princess review, with some complaints about too much similarity to the original title and the difficulty level producing a ranking of average at 3/5:

Once again the difficulty is a considerable issue for the game. A new rune trading dwarf is available, so Warriors stuck with dozens of Rage runes can now swap them into Magic or Mind and thus players are better capable of balancing their characters -- however, this is the only easing of prior frustrations the player will see. While Easy is still considerably easier than Normal and Hard, the game overall is frustratingly difficult. In addition, the Mage class (previously "the" class to play in The Legend due to a great balance of and abilities) is now the underdog class, as magic scales very poorly in relation to enemy troop size. This problem is compounded by the fact that it is incredibly easy for the player to back inadvertently into a corner where they can no longer move forward as they either cannot defeat the enemies, or that the final boss looms and no other enemies are available to fight. Unfortunately, this is simply the product of a game with finite opponents; the irksome part is there is no good way to gauge if or when the player will become trapped like this. Due to the much higher difficulty, players can expect to spend at least fifty hours with the game on the easiest difficulty alone, with a much higher playtime expected on the higher settings.


 Armored Princess cleans up and expands considerably on The Legend but manages to stumble over itself with a punishing difficulty curve and a few errors of its own that manage to pull the game down more than the improvements buoy it...While the difficulty should not scare away fans of the genre and anyone looking for a challenge, in the end it may be more suitable for someone new to the series. Someone preferring a more sedate pace may be best advised to check out the previous entry in the series.

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