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Borderlands - More Hints of a Sequel

by Magerette, 2009-12-05 17:08:47

For those hoping for another dose of the post-apocalyptic action RPG, some firmer indications of a sequel are revealed in a short newsbit over at Gamespot about the latest doings at Take 2 Interactive in which a spokesman mentions that Borderlands may become a long term franchise. They also refer back to a previous statement made by Gearbox's creative director on the game, Mikey Neumann, saying a sequel is "a no-brainer."

Here's the relevant snip:

In a conference call with analysts, chairman Strauss Zelnick praised the game, saying it shows "every sign of becoming an important, long-term franchise." Company president Ben Feder then announced that the 2K Games label has secured "long-term publishing rights to Borderlands sequels."

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