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Torchlight - Review @ Armchair Empire

by Magerette, 2009-12-07 15:15:33

Armchair Empire has posted a review  of the Diablo-flavored action rpg from Runic GamesTorchlight, giving it a score of 9/10:

The dungeons are randomly generated, so every time you take a new character into them, the layout will be different.  Better still is that each level is reasonably large, so there is quite a bit of exploring to be done looking for treasure, and minor bosses that not only drop loot, but reward fame when defeated.  Going through these labyrinths, it’s difficult to resist checking every nook and cranny to make sure you didn’t miss any goodies, especially loot, which is randomly generated.  If there is any one thing that we can learn from games like Diablo and World of Warcraft, it’s that gamers seem to love getting their characters better and better gear with better stats, and also that makes them look more and more bad-assed along the way.  Torchlight certainly delivers this in spades...In the end, Torchlight is a very solid dungeon exploring action RPG.  It looks good, sounds good, there’s a ton of loot to get, and the different classes are fun to play.

Source: Blues News

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