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Elven Legacy - Siege Review @ Resolution Magazine

by Dhruin, 2009-12-07 19:03:34

A review of the Elven Legacy expansion, Siege, can be found at Resolution Magazine.  The score is a low 5/10, because of the punishing difficulty:

For the Elven Legacy fan, there is a lot to enjoy here. Much like Ranger, this expansion pack is modestly priced while still offering plenty of content in the form of 19 new campaign missions and three new heroes to control at various points. The storyline is the typical sort of tale that has been told a thousand times before, full of warring elves and irritated humans. The graphical style is still uniquely old school, yet charming and intricately detailed.

But ultimately, it’s only fans of the previous titles that will love Siege. It doesn’t change the formula at all; it simply provides more challenging missions than ever for those masochistic types who’ve come to adore the series so much. Edging towards frustrating for everyone else, just don’t contemplate going near it if you like your strategy games to be of the tamer sort. You’ll only have nightmares.

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