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Armored Princess - Character Planner

by Dhruin, 2009-12-08 21:32:15

The official King's Bounty site is pointing out an interactive Flash character planner for Armoured Princess (and The Legend).  Here's their blurb:

Great news for all English speaking fans of King’s Bounty series!
Colorful and very convenient character planner HeroScreen from Aurelain allows you to think over the hero's development and select the optimal combination of units and artifacts, moreover it can be used as an interactive guide for game.

This interactive guide uses Flash technology and has user-friendly interface. It contains full information about heroes, their skills, units, items, armor-bearers (wives) and medals. HeroScreen is being updated on constant basis and it can become a very effective and useful assistant during your adventures across the worlds of King’s Bounty.

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