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Elven Legacy: Siege - Review @ Armchair General

by Magerette, 2009-12-09 17:15:38

Armchair General posts a review of Siege, the second in the trilogy of expansions released for Paradox Entertainment's and 1C's Fantasy Wars sequel,  Elven Legacy, giving a detailed look at the game and a score of 89%:

The evil AI is very clever, using numerous trash units to kill off weakened enemies. Strong units are held back near objectives to stall a drive. The AI can make life miserable by using villages as strongpoints that cover each other. In Siege, an apparently unseen wizard creates spells and new troops out of thin air. No mission is easy. Hot seat, LAN and Internet play are also available.

Siege’s campaign is the usual step-by-step progress, picking up clues and talking to people before destroying the baddy. Surviving members of armies are carried over after missions. Players can choose where to start the next mission. Such considerations seem secondary to the tactical considerations. Positioning troops and moving units to and from reserves are the heart of this game, one that should thrill all gamers.

Source: Blues News

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