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MMORPGDot Feature: Hero Online Interview

by Dhruin, 2006-08-08 07:25:00
MGame released 'Hero Online' just last week and we caught up with them just before launch with a few questions to get an overview of this free-to-play entry:
MMORPGDot: How will this game compete with other games? Why will gamers who are committed to other MMORPGs want to give this a try? Is it just a different storyline with similar gameplay or can we see more varied features?

Jack Stanley: Hero Online is a unique and exciting change to the traditional MMORPG genre. The graphics , sounds and story all contribute to complete immersion in traditional Chinese martial arts culture. In order to make this game we have conducted extensive research and listened to what the players want. We offer complete character customization with both linear and non-linear play styles. Players can compose, customize their armor and weapons to suit their play style. We offer many other innovative ideas and rely on player feedback to keep the game fresh and new.
Read it all here.

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