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ArchLord Preorders

by Dhruin, 2006-08-08 08:03:00
Codemasters has announced <a href="http://www.archlordgame.com/preorder.php" target="_blank">preorder</a> deals for ArchLord:<blockquote><em>Codemasters Online Gaming announces that the pre-orders for the highly anticipated MMORPG ArchLord are now LIVE. GameStop and EB Games are now accepting pre-orders online for ArchLord, to be followed by in-store orders shortly.<br><br>To support the upcoming launch of the highly anticipated MMORPG ArchLord, pre-order packs will be hitting stores in time to offer players an exclusive slot in the forthcoming ArchLord BETA! Lucky pre-order customers will also get to choose from one of four in-game items available at launch as part of this exclusive pre-order offer. The ArchLord pre-order packs also contain exclusive ArchLord collectable postcards, stickers and a very limited edition soundtrack CD containing some of the incredible in-game music recorded by the world famous London Symphony Orchestra.<br><br>However for those that just cana "!t wait, ArchLord pre-orders are now available through GameStop and EB Games by visiting the official ArchLord website www.archlordgame.com/preorder <br><br>Those pre-ordering online wona "!t miss out, as they will receive a slot in the ArchLord BETA and one of four exclusive in-game items at launch.<br><br>Both in-store pre-order packs and online pre-order spots in the BETA are limited and subject to space in the upcoming ArchLord BETA, so players are advised to pre-order now while spaces within the BETA still remain!</em></blockquote>

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