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Two Worlds II - Antaloor Post # 10

by Aries100, 2009-12-14 16:52:11

The Antaloor Post has been updated with newsletter # 10 for Two Worlds II. 

There's info about the swamp region, magic ingredients and mentioning of the combat system - and much more. Here's the deal on how the combat has changed from the first Two Worlds game, according to Mirek Dymek, the studio boss:

Mirek: During combat, a wide range of various aspects interact with one
another, creating a realistic overall picture. Included among these aspects is the fact that the AI of the NPCs is able to remember being attacked by the player! So if the player always uses the same standard attacks, he'll score fewer and fewer hits, since his opponent is constantly adapting his style to counteract what the player's doing. On the other hand, if the player uses all the different moves that are available to him, constantly changing his style, he'll score lots of hits. We've also integrated spectacular finishing moves and shield attacks.

Do you think this combat system is better than the one used in the first game?

Source: GameBanshee

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