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Din's Curse - Blog Update @ Official Site

by Aries100, 2009-12-15 18:03:55

A blog update on Din's Curse offcial site, made by Steven Peeler from Soldak Entertainment, explains how quests in this game come in the shape of a web, which is non-linear:

If you could look at all of the quests/missions in a game and the connections between them, most games would form a linear line. Personally I find that kind of sad. RPGs tend to do a little better and many times will form a tree. In Din's Curse (and also Depths of Peril to some extent) they form a web. A very dense web at that.

I have added a good example of how this works lately to the game: the darkness machine. This is a machine that once built causes the entire area to get much darker than usual. This doesn't sound too bad except it screws with the local crops so food prices go up. Monsters tend to be much more aggressive when it is dark so the town you are trying to save is much more likely to be attacked. Also now that one machine is up and functioning it encourages other monsters to build other machines to wreck havoc on the town (like earthquake or weather machines).

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