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Cyclopean - Christmas Update

by Dhruin, 2009-12-16 21:17:46

Three updates for Cyclopean to finish up the year.

Here's a snip from An Excess of Radium, Part III:

A-are you John Jukes?”  It was a minute’s work for Pardee to get the question out.

“Cain’t say that I am, sir.  Name is Edward Mulligan.  Pleased to meetcha’”  He thrust out his phosphorescent meat hook and Pardee hesitantly clasped his hand.

“Mulligan, my name’s Lionel Pardee.”  There was a slight pause between his first and last names, but he stuck with the one he had given me.  “And this is my partner, Ben Wilson.”

“You folks are with the rescue, yeah?”

“Rescue?”  Pardee cut his eyes my way, but I had nothing to contribute.

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