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RPGWatch Feature: Borderlands Review

by Dhruin, 2009-12-17 23:49:14

It's definitely more shooter than RPG by a long way but is it any good? We delve into Borderlands in our latest review with the main critique written by txa1265 and additional closing comments from Skavenhorde.  Here's a sample:

Borderlands features 160 missions, with 56 related to the main storyline and the other 104 side missions simply there to help you gain more money and experience and items. That sounds like a ton of stuff, and it really is! You will be busy with tons of quests and combat and action for dozens of hours! In terms of length you will spend around 30 hours getting through the game in solo mode or in co-op, at which point you can take your character at the level you finished (probably ~30) and start a new game and face more challenging enemies until you max out at level 50. Given four characters and perhaps three builds per character, along with playing co-op missions with friends, it is possible to put more than a couple hundred hours into Borderlands to see everything it has to offer. If you manage that, more power to you!

But as most folks know, there is a significant difference between loads of busy-work and a satisfying experience. And sadly I found the majority of quests in Borderlands to be busy-work. There were quirky characters, such as the guy who wants you to go on a killing spree and fetch back his leg. Or the guy who was standing around 24/7 just waiting to hand me the all-important quest to go into a different zone, and pick up the missing flux capacitor to help finish the chronosynclastic infundibulum generator (I made that one up, but it might as well have been true). The short story leading up to the quest is invariably more interesting than anything that happens later. It can be argued that missions in shooters are all 'go here, wipe out everything, walk over widget A and return'. But for contrast, the recent Red Faction Guerrilla had missions where things would twist and turn mid-stream, where there would be multiple in-mission interactions, and an overall more complex and satisfying structure.

Read it all here.

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