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Elven Legacy - Ranger, Siege & Magic Reviews @ VGBlogger

by Dhruin, 2009-12-18 19:44:59

Our own Mike Anderson has penned reviews of all three Elven Legacy expansions for VGBlogger.  The pros and cons are broadly similar for each and the result across all three is "buy it" recommendation.  Links and a sample from the first...

Many folks I spoke to had issues with the overall difficulty of the original (as well as disliking the time limits), and they should be happy that Ranger makes things a bit more approachable. You will still often require more than one attempt to complete a mission, but things have definitely been dialed back. Well … except for the beginning, since as I mentioned you start the game alone and can easily get killed if take the wrong approach. You really need to stop and think before making choices - get the lay of the land, then start your turns.

Elven Legacy: Ranger does what it is supposed to do: smooths out the wrinkles of the original game somewhat, adds on new content and characters, and provides a good sized campaign at a decent price. As an added bonus, all of the little decisions you get to make can result in significantly different repeated playthroughs. So if you enjoyed the original game by all means grab this now! You won’t regret it!

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