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Obsidian Entertainment - MCA and Josh Sawyer Interview

by Dhruin, 2009-12-23 06:58:14

Polish Fallout and post-apoc site Trzynasty Schron celebrates their 10th anniversary with an interview with Chris Avellone and J.E. Sawyer, with subjects roaming across the three Fallouts, Van Buren and quick mentions of New Vegas.  Here's a sample:

Jim Cojones: History of Fallout started fifteen years ago, the game hit the shelves three years later. It is a lot of time for a computer game but it is still popular, it even still is being bought. When You had first seen the game, did You expect it could become such a classic?

Josh Sawyer: I first played Fallout when I was in college. From the first few minutes in, I knew I was going to love it. It's such a unique setting and the game had so many new ideas in it that it immediately became one of my all-time favorites. When I first got into the game industry, I wanted nothing more than to work on a Fallout game.

Chris Avellone: I don't think Interplay realized what it had, and I still kick myself to this day I didn't say "yes" when Tim Cain asked if I had time to work on it. Actually, I don't just kick myself, I also cry a little inside.

When Fallout hit shelves and it took off like an Apollo rocket (Apollo 11, not 13), it took a bunch of people at Interplay by surprise. All the hard work those guys put into the title paid off - to clarify, when you work on a title, or are aware of a project's history (and Fallout went through some rough times with the GURPS transition and had a lot of struggles from demo to completion, which I'm sure the team would agree with) sometimes you have no idea what a player will think while playing it, all you can think of is the road the project took to its release.

As for me, I knew it was different as soon as I discovered my Intelligence statistic affected my dialogue options, and that was only one of what I think were the "true RPG" moments I hit in that game. A lot of the game mechanic and plotline/character presentations that were done in Fallout I consider to be almost a game-based design document for how RPGs should be designed. We definitely leveraged a lot of those concepts for Torment and future titles.

Chris comments that he is "all done with Alpha Protocol now, it's in good shape" and has moved completely on to New Vegas.

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