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Elven Legacy: Ranger - Review @ Gamepex

by Asbjoern, 2009-12-23 21:08:38

Gamepes writes up a review of the Ranger expansion for Elven Legacy with the score of 50%. Here's a snip:

There are essentially two ways of approaching the difficulty level presented in a strategy game. Either one alters the difficulty, or one alters the strategy used in approaching the difficulty of the game. In Elven Legacy, a player needed not necessarily alter his approach to the game, but rather simply set the difficulty to “easy” at the beginning of each mission. In the game’s first expansion pack Elven Legacy: Ranger the same does not hold true. Changing a mission’s difficulty, prior to its’ onset, does little to improve any stubborn strategy-gamer’s ability to accomplish a given goal if they are unwilling to alter their tactics. For hardcore fans of the original Elven Legacy, the expansion’s level of difficulty may provide a necessary incentive for returning to the series. However, for the more casual fantasy-RPG fan, Elven Legacy: Ranger’s steep learning curve, and certain missions’ insurmountable odds, will only cause headaches.

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