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Age of Decadence - Combat Demo Released

by Dhruin, 2009-12-26 01:02:56

The Combat Demo for The Age of Decadence has been released - a nice Christmas present for anyone following the game.

Currently, the file is available directly from Iron Tower's FTP server but we'll add mirrors when they turn up; expect Iron Tower tower to get bogged down with demand, so be patient (direct link, 180Mb).

There are comments in this thread and a FAQ about the demo here.  There's a forum especially for feedback on the demo, so expect the conversation to migrate there.

Remember that is a special beta combat demo featuring a gladitorial arena - not a live area from the final game - and the game is still in development.  Some of the mechanics have been modified (skill points are awarded after each win, for example) and you won't experience the normal questing structure.

Edit: Rapidshare mirror, Filefront

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