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Elven Legacy: Siege - Review @ Hooked Gamers

by Dhruin, 2009-12-28 09:54:47

Hooked Gamers offers a review of Elven Legacy: Siege, with a score of 7.1/10:

Then again, I wasn't expecting the storyline progression to change compared to Elven Legacy (or Fantasy Wars before that -Ed). What I was hoping for, however, were subtle changes that would improve the Turn-Based gameplay of the original. Unfortunately, there are none. Pretty much everything from the original game has been recycled. The units, maps, towns and objects have all been copy pasted over from the original and so has the sound. And it doesn't stop at the cosmetics. The actual gameplay is completely the same as well.

Exactly the same? Well, almost. Where the original game could be incredibly challenging at times, Siege's missions border on the impossible when played on normal level. Completionists will likely feel undone even at the "easy" setting as even then you are hard pressed to take over every town and explore every ruin on the map. This may sound like a complaint, but it actually adds to the sense of urgency that your troops experience as they pursue Sagittel's flight across the country. I found I enjoyed the game a whole lot more once I got into the 'speed is of the essence' theme of the game. Suddenly, the need for exploration dropped off my 'to do' list, letting me go straight towards my goal.

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