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Age of Decadence - Updated Combat Demo

by Dhruin, 2009-12-30 20:27:19

A new version of The Age of Decadence Combat Demo is now available, offering a raft of tweaks and fixes.  This isn't a patch, so you'll need to download the new, full demo.

Here are the list of major fixes:

  • Fixed: "Closed off buildings when the game is loaded."
  • Fixed: "Can move through NPCs."
  • Combat sounds do not fade so much with distance.
  • Disabled streaming music, it's all preloaded now.
  • Moved screenshots and console.log to My Documents\My Games\Age of Decadence, so they can be created even if you don't run admin account.
  • Now you can't save a game when your character is dead.
  • Death screen appearing after you die and quickly load a game: no more.
  • Fixed: "Arena master crash". Which meant potential crash on any dialogue initiation.
  • Fixed: "You can extend your spear interrupt range by selecting a whirlwind attack before ending your turn. I believe it's an exploit."
  • Equipping something while moving made character continue his path as a statue (wrong animation was played).
  • Fixed: clicking dialogue answer could lead to a wrong outcome (problem with hidden answers, when your character didn't pass skill/stat/script check.
  • Fixed error loading a saved game, if you saved it while your character was moving (to the last tile of his/her path?)
  • Now crossbows are not getting unloaded when dropped into inventory.
  • Found a solution for ATI videocard owners (X-series) who experienced visual artefacts.
  • Fixed "Characters attack and hurt themselves or wrong targets" bug.
  • Fixed a bug with loading a save game, when user gets a normal loading screen at first, but when the SVGA progress bar reaches the end, the game "hangs", though gameworld sounds are heard.
  • Fixed: "Combat goes into an endless loop after a character disengages from an opponent."
  • Throwing axes are not floating in the air any more, while your character walks.
  • Fixed: "The bow multishot does not deal criticals."
  • You could totally avoid combat in this combat demo Smile (bug with arena exits)
  • Spaces between some dialogue asnwers were too large.
  • Fixed a bug when you could initiate a conversation in movement and still keep walking somewhere.
  • Added "1", "2", "3" keys as alternative shortcuts to attack modes (fast, normal, power).
  • Fixed: "Characters attack through the walls".

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