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Gamasutra - Top 12 Games of the Decade

by Dhruin, 2009-12-30 20:47:57

As promised, Gamasutra has released their (reader voted) Top 12 Games of the Decade.  As always, these lists are debatable...and particularly this one.  The three RPG-ish games that make the list are Mass Effect, Deus Ex and at number one, World of Warcraft.  On Mass Effect:

9. Mass Effect (Xbox 360, 2007)

This BioWare-developed spacefaring epic won fans for its complex narrative and nuanced morality system, and many eagerly await its upcoming sequel.

Anonymous: "This game had an engaging story, more-than-just-believable virtual actors, numerous distinctive classes to play as, a good to very good selection of powers/talents to use in game play, a developed and realized science fiction setting, open world elements (i.e., the uncharted planets), a brilliant use of achievements (for both the Xbox and PC) that influenced subsequent playthroughts and exciting FPS/RPG game play.

"While few of these elements were distinctive to Mass Effect, the synergy in the game play experience marks Mass Effect as groundbreaking. Truly, Mass Effect was the first science fiction movie in which I was both 'producer' and player."

Tom Toynton: "This was an incredibly deep and immersive experience beyond anything I had played before. I grew attached to many of the characters and felt like I was personally participating in an epic adventure accross the galaxy.

"The controls were fluid, the game mechanics facilitated play dynamics that supported the premise of the game, and the story and depth of even many ancilliary NPCs brought the game world alive."

Michael Kolb: "It will still be played years to come even as it had a successful launch. BioWare really created a sci-fi universe and the interaction with the consequences, like Fable II, really bring life to games along with the want for multiple playthroughs. The general public are realizing that these 'video games' are more than just shooting and have meaningful stories, characters and

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