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RPGWatch Feature - A Farewell to Dragons Review

by Dhruin, 2009-12-31 22:49:07

Steam's current sale makes A Farewell to Dragons a tantalising prospect, so we have a comprehensive review just in time.  Not quite an action/rpg, not quite living up to the old school cRPGs it attempts to emulate, A Farewell to Dragons is a game full of good ideas lost in unsuccessful execution.  Here's an excerpt:

AFTD takes up Arcanum’s mantle of steampunk with a vivid and nicely imagined 19th century-style setting full of period locomotives and gunslinging bandits leavened with colleges of arcane magic wielders and wild clans of catwomen. Dwarves are - as usual - the masters of technology, and in this incarnation rather than being ponderous, they’re agile and nimble scientists as well as miners or smiths. Dwarven gearmasters will provide your party with a large array of potent WMDs, including explosives, poisons, flamethrowers, machine guns, muskets, rifles, pistols, and chain saws, including one entitled The Blood-Stained Maniac Saw. Not everyone can master these weapons, however, and not every NPC fits the bill. Victor is unique in the game in having a variety of skill paths, able to be master of all four elemental magics, a fighter, gunslinger,  or any hybrid of the three.

Read it all here.

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