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King Arthur - Review @ Hooked Gamers

by Dhruin, 2010-01-04 20:01:44

Hooked Gamers is the latest site to look at King Arthur's mix of strategy and role-playing elements, with a score of 8/10:

As mentioned before, you start out with only a single knight. Additional knights will join you as you progress through the game. Many of these can be found during the many quests and side quests that propel you through the game. Quests are offered at the start of each new season (turns) and are a mix of short text-based adventures and battles. The text-based adventures remind me of a game called Castles II that (somewhat) older gamers may still remember. Like most of the game's quests, they appear as floating scrolls on the map where a knight can be sent to in order to start the adventure. The player is then offered a series of questions and answers that lead to a conclusion that may involve rescuing missing children or destroying a nest of bandits that have been plaguing the province. Your reward for completing the quest depends on the choices you make and make range from winning or losing cash, retrieving an item and a huge wad of experience for your knight. But beware, some quests may end in battle, so do bring your army along.

Source: Blues News

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